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A pioneer in developing marketing commercial impact in Complex Sale environment


We help medium and large industrial, IT and professional services organisations operating in Complex Sale environment to move from cost center to profit center and improve marketing business impact.

Results —

Successful ABM-transition in the Nordic countries

We helped a global industrial company in the Nordic countries to move from tactical ABM experiments to a successful and controlled ABM-program through effective operating models and competence building.

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Redefining the lead to revenue -process

We secured more than 5 million euros in annual sales for a Nordic ICT company by redefining the lead process and identifying the causes of wastage.

pattern-circle pattern-dot Kehitä markkinoinnin käytänteitä tiimi ja organisaatio huomioiden.

Significantly reducing ad hoc with marketing processes

We helped a marketing team of 30+ people at an international manufacturing company to reduce ad hoc and significantly streamline planning, operations and reporting by reorganizing their marketing processes.

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Improving the communication of the business value of marketing

We helped a global technology and industrial services company to identify and communicate the overall marketing value by 50 % compared to previous. We developed processes for setting marketing objectives and measuring to reduce value wastage.

pattern-circle pattern-dot Senior Consultant Ida Supi helping our customer to improve their marketing value communication by streamlining processes and recognizing the whole marketing business value

We know Complex Sale —

More than a decade of experience working in the complex sale environment.

Yearly proprietary research about the special characteristics of marketing in the complex sale environment.

More than 130 successful engagements on improving marketing value with an average NPS of 64.

More than 100 yearly interviews with marketing leaders to understand your needs and fuel our approach.

12+ proprietary frameworks for the biggest marketing challenges specifically in the complex sale environment.

Our consultants spend an average of 153 hours yearly on research and development.

How can we help you?

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