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About us —

Highly specialized advisory firm helping build a world-class marketing function


Who are we

We help senior marketing executives—just like you—in your journey to prove marketing’s impact on top and bottom-line revenue, profit, and long-term competitive advantage, and how to run a world-class marketing function toward a profit center.

With over a decade of experience working with marketing professionals, combined with our annual research, we’ve specialized in enterprise and corporate industrial, IT and software, and professional services organizations.


Who are you

You are a marketing leader operating in a complex B2B sales environment. You might be in charge of your entire global marketing team or one specific region, business line, or product. You have the autonomy to invest and make decisions, and you have a team to lead.

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Account based -markkinoinnin aloittaminen

Pohditko, miten lähteä liikkeelle strategisen ABM:n toteuttamisessa? Materiaalimme opastaa sinut vaihe vaihteelta onnistuneen account based -markkinoinnin suunnitelman rakentamiseen. Luo suunnitelma, joka sitouttaa myös myynnin ABM:n toteuttamiseen!


We know the Complex Sales environment —

More than a decade of experience working in complex sales environment

We focus on organizations in complex sales environments. We help you prove the value of marketing when sales processes are long and multiple decision-makers are involved.

pattern-circle pattern-dot Mavenfirstin markkinointikonsultit työskentelemässä saman työpöydän ääressä Complex Sale -haasteiden parissa.

We know the industry

We only work with marketing executives and teams operating in complex sales environment—just like yours. We discuss more than 100 leaders annually to fuel our understanding and approach, and we bring that knowledge to your advantage.

pattern-circle pattern-dot Markkinointikonsultit istumassa toimistolla ja syventymässä vuosittaisiin tutkimuksiin.

More than 130 successful engagements on improving the marketing business impact – with an average NPS of 67 (Q3/2023)

We have a proven track record, and we work every day to bring even greater value.

pattern-circle pattern-dot Markkinointikonsultit varmistamassa yhteisessä palaverissa asiakastyytyväisyyden.

Over 100 yearly discussions with marketing leaders

We are in constant dialogue with marketing executives in the complex sales environment to better understand your needs and further refine our approach.

pattern-circle pattern-dot Mavenfirstin asiantuntijat vetämässä yhteen keskustelujen tuloksia markkinoinnin ylimmän johdon kanssa suuressa neuvotteluhuoneessa.

12+ proprietary frameworks for typical marketing challenges specifically in the complex sales environment

For example, the OOR™ model for measuring the marketing business impact is a framework for demonstrating the value of marketing, built on our knowledge of target audience and our experience of customer engagements.

pattern-circle pattern-dot Mavenfirsin konsultti varmistamassa, että asiakas saa toimintamallit käyttöönsä yhteisessä workshopissa suuressa neuvotteluhuoneessa.

Our consultants spend an average of 153 hours yearly on research and development

Our research, frameworks and industry best practices are our main tools to help you on your journey from cost center to profit center.

pattern-circle pattern-dot Mavenfirst consultant Joonas Hakkarainen presenting his learnings and conducted research from the last year so that our customer would get even more value.

How can we help you?

We are your partner in designing, developing and demonstrating the value marketing brings to your business. Contact us to discuss how we could help you.