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Make your marketing commercial impact visible in the Complex Sale environment

We help marketing executives and ambitious marketing teams develop the commercial impact of marketing in a Complex Sale environment. Our engagements are focused on improving the lead-to-revenue process, expanding customer relationships, opening new markets, improving marketing operating models and value communication or enhancing team competencies.

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Account based -markkinoinnin aloittaminen

Pohditko, miten lähteä liikkeelle strategisen ABM:n toteuttamisessa? Materiaalimme opastaa sinut vaihe vaihteelta onnistuneen account based -markkinoinnin suunnitelman rakentamiseen. Luo suunnitelma, joka sitouttaa myös myynnin ABM:n toteuttamiseen!


Our expertise —

Our research shows that communicating the business value of marketing is a major challenge in many organizations. This is typically due to inadequate operating models and unclear objectives and metrics. In addition, results are often reported to different stakeholders at too tactical a level.

We will help you:

  • bond marketing and business objectives together to strengthen the role of marketing in the organization.

  • establish effective processes and frameworks for setting marketing objectives.

  • by training and coaching you in the use of different levels of marketing measurement according to the OOR™- and SMART-models.

  • build playbooks, guidelines and reporting frameworks for measuring marketing impact and communicating value to different stakeholders. 

Too often, marketing jumps straight into developing current techniques or launching new experiments directly through tactics and campaigns. Whatever the marketing direction, when strategy and purpose are forgotten, effectiveness and efficiency are neglected.

We will help you:

  • generate sales accepted leads from a clearly defined target group.

  • implement a successful ABM-program from strategy to planning, implementation, developing and scaling. 

  • streamline the way marketing is currently done with new, effective approaches.

  • define your target audience into an ICP and Most Wanted list, making it easier to demonstrate the marketing effectiveness.

  • get more out of your Go-to-Market plans as you seek to enter new markets.

  • support the implementation of your plans through an Advisory or PMO model.

In our experience, most bottlenecks in marketing can be overcome by improving operating models. When there is no clear objective and no roadmap for the campaign, marketing efforts go to waste. Annual marketing plans are too often copied from the previous years. Clear processes for marketing and campaign-level planning eliminate ad hoc, increase efficiency and job satisfaction. Would you like to improve the role and impact of marketing in your organization?

We will help you develop marketing operations by:

  • creating clear and effective planning processes: Go-to-Market, ABM, annual planning and campaign planning.

  • implementing best practices to marketing to eliminate ad hoc, ensure marketing success and enhance sales and marketing collaboration.

  • documenting core marketing tasks from customer selection guidance to campaign implementation.

  • supporting marketing teams in establishing a Centre of Excellence to ensure competencies, capabilities and effective scaling around a specific marketing function.

According to our study, 87 % of marketing managers consider investing in competency development to be crucial. On the other hand, 82 % of decision makers feel their team lacks competence.

We will help you and your team develop competency with:

  • company-specific or individual training and coaching on topics such as target setting, marketing measurement and reporting, ABM, lead-to-revenue process and communicating the value of marketing.

  • regular Executive Roundtable -discussions for marketing executives. Apply to join.

  • certificate training.

  • regular webinars and newsletters on current Complex Sale marketing topics.

In our experience, ambitious marketing managers want to demonstrate the commercial impact of marketing to the rest of the organization and make marketing a true profit center. However, the journey to becoming a profit center is challenging and the big picture of the current situation is often difficult to define.

We will help you:

  • build a vision and roadmap for your marketing journey from cost center to profit center.

  • assess where your team is in terms of competencies and capabilities by using Mavenfirst's maturity model.

  • by sparring with you on topics relevant to you.

  • identify how your customers buy with Mavenfirst's Buying Process Analysis.

  • create a partner strategy for your business to select the most appropriate marketing partners.

  • in challenging economic times choose cost-saving measures that do not threaten your marketing's commercial performance.

How we work —

How we work?

Our typical development programmes in Complex Sale environment —

  • Successful ABM from strategy to pilot programmes and scaling

  • Development of ABM activities from individual tactical experiments to systematic impact

  • Building sales, marketing and business collaborating models in Complex Sale environment

  • Developing lead-to-revenue process by clarifying lead definition, quality and management

  • Clarifying marketing objectives, metrics and reporting and making the value of marketing visible to different stakeholders.

  • Go-to-Market plan and implementation to ensure commercial results in a well-defined target group

  • Roadmap and action plans for the marketing journey from cost center to profit center

  • Marketing commercial impact accelerator from identifying the commercial impact to action plan and implementation

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Why talk to us? —

We understand Complex Sale environment

Our speciality is marketing in Complex Sale environment and we understand long sales processes. We know how to make marketing work for the business, even if the sales process takes four years, there are more than 10 decision makers involved and the final deal is worth several millions. This is the knowledge we can bring you. Our expertise is not limited to marketing. We also understand the world of sales, including customer-specific account plans.

pattern-circle pattern-dot We understand complex sale environment and how to support sales goals by marketing activities

100% satisfaction guarantee

Our philosophy is that marketing should always bring value to your business. In our projects, the end result is always linked to measurable sales and business objectives. Results are why we exist and what we are good at. That is why we guarantee our projects.

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Collaborative models for a world-class customer experience – NPS over 60

You can count on us. Our approach is proactive: we share our knowledge and challenge you to think in new ways. If problems arise, we bring them to the table in a solution-oriented way. We value open communication and will not abandon you. We take responsibility while getting results.

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How can we help you?

Book a free discussion to get tips from our experts to develop your marketing.