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B2B marketing expert services for complex sale environments

We focus on projects that have a concrete and measurable effect on business. Our partnerships aim, for example, to boost sales efficiency and to increase orders, to obtain new customer accounts or to expand existing ones. Our specialties include generating high-quality leads, account-based marketing, sales and marketing cooperation, and measuring the effect of marketing on business performance, especially in long and complex sales processes.

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Account based -markkinoinnin aloittaminen

Pohditko, miten lähteä liikkeelle strategisen ABM:n toteuttamisessa? Materiaalimme opastaa sinut vaihe vaihteelta onnistuneen account based -markkinoinnin suunnitelman rakentamiseen. Luo suunnitelma, joka sitouttaa myös myynnin ABM:n toteuttamiseen!


Our servises —

As a forerunner in strategic ABM in the Nordic countries, we can help you to get started with and to implement ABM. We have the means to find the most efficient operating practices that help you support existing strategic accounts and win new ones.ABM services:

ABM services:

  • ABM Audit – a free sample of our work

  • Opportunity audit – identification of the most suitable model and best pilot opportunity before getting started

  • Account-based marketing strategies and plans for selected strategic customers

  • Advisory service to support your team

  • Creation of and training for ABM operating practices

  • Implementation partnerships to kick off ABM

We will support your team with our decade-long experience in generating efficient B2B leads.We apply the best practices of inbound, ABM, marketing automation and content marketing, customised for complex and long sales processes.

  • Plans for generating high-quality leads and a roadmap for reaching lead targets

  • Implementation partnerships for lead generation

  • Marketing Pipeline Audit – a free sample of our work

We plan and implement a combination of the best practices of ABM and inbound, customised to reach a limited target group and to support sales. This not only increases brand awareness, but also results in a measurable growth in the quantity and quality of inbound offers.

  • GamePlan – superior visibility in the key target group

  • Implementation partnership to reach your targets

  • Known Adviser Audit – a free sample of our work

We help your business and marketing management to crystallise their operating practices in order to set a business target for your marketing, build metrics for successful monitoring and create seamless cooperation between internal stakeholders.


  • Marketing and sales cooperation model creation and training

  • Support for setting the right marketing targets and measuring business impact

  • Modern marketing management – from ad hoc to a systematic approach

  • Development proposals for the best operating practices in marketing in a complex sale environment – a free sample of our work

Our training is designed for ambitious marketing and senior business management in B2B organisations operating in complex sale environments. We also offer open training for digital, communications and advertising agencies in marketing development and measurement in complex sale environments.

  • Training themes for businesses

  • Training themes for offices

  • Advisory service for marketing and sales managers to support the team

  • MasterMind Group for sales managers to increase their competence

Why talk to us?

Understanding of complex sale environments

We specialise in marketing in complex sale environments, and our customers’ sales processes are long. We know how marketing can be used to support business ends, even if the sales process takes four years, for example, involves more than ten decision-makers and the final customer account is worth several millions, and wish to share our knowledge with you. Our expertise is not only limited to marketing: we also understand the sales world and concepts such as customer-specific sales plans.

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100% satisfaction and performance guarantee

Our philosophy is that marketing should always bring added value to a company.We specialise in projects in which performance is always tied to measurable sales and business targets.What counts are the results. They are also the reason why our company still exists and what we excel in.This is why we offer a guarantee to all our projects.

pattern-circle pattern-dot 100% satisfaction and performance guarantee

Cooperation models for a world-class customer experience – NPS over 60

We are a company you can put your trust in. We adhere to the agreed timetables and work as part of your team and in cooperation with your other partners. We share our expertise continuously and challenge your thinking. If problems occur, we approach them in a solution-oriented manner. We value open communication and will not abandon you. We carry our responsibility, and will deliver results.

pattern-circle pattern-dot Cooperation models for a world-class customer experience – NPS over 60

How can we help you?

Book a free discussion to get tips from our experts to develop your marketing.