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Account based -markkinoinnin aloittaminen

Pohditko, miten lähteä liikkeelle strategisen ABM:n toteuttamisessa? Materiaalimme opastaa sinut vaihe vaihteelta onnistuneen account based -markkinoinnin suunnitelman rakentamiseen. Luo suunnitelma, joka sitouttaa myös myynnin ABM:n toteuttamiseen!


Meet our customers

Our typical client is a corporate or enterprise B2B organization operating in industry, IT, software, or professional services. They are industry leaders in their fields.


You’re in good company

Here are some of our selected customers. We are happy to tell you more about the projects we have been involved in.

Do you want to join?

You’re in good company

Here are some of our selected customers. We are happy to tell you more about the projects we have been involved in.

Do you want to join?"

Results —

We helped an international manufacturing company's marketing team of more than 30 people significantly eliminate ad hoc by reorganizing their marketing processes.

We built a successful and controlled ABM transition for an industrial company with efficient operating models and competence building after previous spot ABM experiments.

By redefining the pipeline process, we secured more than €5 million in annual sales for a Nordic ICT operator.

We helped a global technology and industry company better identify and communicate the overall value of marketing. By improving marketing goal setting and measurement, we reduced value leakage.

How customers describe our cooperation —

"We were looking for a partner to help us get the basics of ABM right: from the use of marketing automation to internal operating models. Mavenfirst's holistic focus on the client's business and sparring, yet direct, attitude has helped us to create a good foundation for strategic marketing development. The strong teamwork has also allowed us to continuously build our own expertise, and our collaboration is characterized by an inspiring spirit of joint development and improvement."

Ilona Suominen, Customer Journey Lead, Gofore Oyj

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"I appreciate the professional and systematic skills in managing such a project and the content expertise. The people were competent and had an excellent command of their area of responsibility."

Petri Ylenius, Director - Sales & Account Management, Partner, Mercuri International Oy

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"During the project, we got the impression that Mavenfirst genuinely wants to help us, to find the right approach for us and to make sure that the project plan works in practice. We were suitably challenged from the start to think about answers to difficult questions. At no stage was the client left on his own, but the aim was to ensure that the project would work in practice and that it would benefit our business."

Mari Rihti, Marketing Manager, Enfo

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